When Fame Attracts Strange Lawsuits

When Fame Attracts Strange Lawsuits
19 May

At first glance, it may be hard to discern the connection between Kristina Karo – a self-described Ukrainian “pop superstar” who’s trying to make it big in America – and Oscar-nominated Hollywood actress, Mila Kunis. But apparently, Karo and Kunis were inseparable childhood friends back in Ukraine – until Kunis (allegedly) stole Karo’s beloved pet chicken, Doggie. According to Karo, the trauma only resurfaced when her move to LA brought her back into close proximity with meanie Mila, triggering an emotional breakdown and the need for expensive therapy.

Karo is seeking a relatively modest compensatory sum of $5,000 for therapy bills and emotional trauma, but Kunis and her partner Ashton Kutcher have laughed off the claims, pointing out that in Karo’s proposed timeline, the complainant would have been one month old when the chicken theft took place. In the professional opinion of Glenn Duker, solicitor, it seems unlikely that this lawsuit will be successful. However, it’s just the latest in a line of strange lawsuits involving famous people – we take a look at three more.

Man from Fort Worth Vs Elvis

In a case that came as a surprise to many, a man from Fort Worth, Texas, sued Elvis’ estate for lying about his death. According to the venerable plaintiff, he had irrefutable evidence to expose the whole lie: he had been having regular phone conversations with the King himself, whom he claimed had faked his death in order to lead a normal life. (Although why he would then want his “friend” to reveal his continued existence in this case remains unclear.)

Despite this, however, the case was thrown out of court – it looks like the lie will remain covered up for a bit longer.

Kathleen Turner Vs Nicolas Cage

Sometimes, celebrities like to sue each other. In this case, Kathleen Turner stated that Nicolas Cage –whom she’d worked with in the 1986 film “Peggy Sue Got Married” – had been arrested for drunk driving, but on top of that had also stolen her Chihuahua. Her accusations were printed in her 2008 memoir and also made it into a newspaper when it ran an excerpt. Incensed by this claim, Cage launched a libel suit against the actress – and won, receiving an apology, his court costs paid, and a donation to a charity of his choice.

Prince Vs His Fans

Sometimes celebrities even like to sue their own fans! A certain Prince Rogers Nelson (or, as he was known for a time, “unpronounceable squiggle” after a dispute with his record company led him to abandon his original moniker) is notorious for this, thanks to his desire to retain total control over his image and music. He launched a suit against fan magazine Uptown in 1999, although this was dropped later on. In 2007, he considered taking on YouTube for posting his videos. Most recently, he targeted individual fans who had been posting links to illegal downloads of his shows – threatening to sue them for $1 million each. Fortunately, he also dropped these lawsuits.

However, you don’t have to be famous to become embroiled in a lawsuit. When you need expert legal advice and assistance, whether it’s how to handle a lawsuit against you or determining whether a case you’re thinking about has legal merit, come to Glenn Duker, solicitor.

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