Top TED Talks for Lawyers

Top TED Talks for Lawyers- Glenn Duker
01 May

Ted talks can be informative, motivating, and inspiring. With most talks averaging twenty minutes or less, they are an excellent resource for lawyers and those working alongside them. Here are the top Ted talks that will appeal especially to those in the legal field.


How juries are fooled by statistics

Statistics can play a significant role in cases, but unfortunately, many people can be easily fooled by these numbers. In this talk led by an Oxford mathematician, viewers will learn the common mistakes jurors make, and perhaps how lawyers can correct them. Peter Donnelly discusses how humans may make mistakes when interpreting statistics during trails which can cause terrible outcomes in criminal trials.


Let’s simplify legal jargon!

Those who work in the legal sector have had years to learn the lingo, but for those who aren’t in the business, some of the terms can be perplexing at best. This talk is perfect for those who want to speak in a way their clients will understand when they’re reviewing documents and other matters. Change the way you speak to your clients by using simple terms and making legal jargon eligible for a layman.


Your body language may shape who you are

The information provided in this talk can help professionals present themselves more effectively. Whether during a trial or a sit-down meeting, a lawyer’s body language can speak volumes and affect how others react to them. If you want to have a posture that portrays confidence, it can also make you feel more confident and can lead to better success during your meetings.


The walk from “no” to “yes”

Led by author William Ury, this talk can help lawyers negotiate more efficiently with these simple but powerful tips to work through all kinds of conflict. This video can be especially helpful for those practicing in family law.


How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek gives examples of how famous leaders inspired those around them and how others can implement those tactics using a method called the Golden Circle. This talk should be listened to in conjunction with Amy Cuddy’s Ted talk on body language.


How the internet will (one day) transform government

The digital age could change the way governments work. In this talk, Clay Shirky discusses how democracies can learn a few things from the internet by being transparent and openly engaging and learning from its citizens.


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