Taking Your Time Can Benefit Your Business

Glenn Duker on Taking Your Time Can Benefit Your Business
02 Aug

Time seems to be decreasing where it seems like we don’t have enough hours in the day and we constantly say “I’m busy.” With all this rushing around, things in our life start to become rushed as well. But there are times were rushing things can turn out poorly and lead to issues. Such as in starting a business. Some will try to push growth too fast. I have learned the value of systems and patience. If you take a longer-term view, you can see how it will benefit your business in the future. 


Undivided Attention

With emails being up and phone calls constantly happening throughout the day, it can be easy to let your attention slip away during the day. Instead of half-listening and half-thinking about your next meeting or assignment, give your undivided attention to the task at hand. If you are meeting with a person, they will notice and it can better your relationship and communication with each other. Solutions can be found and made easier when everything surrounding you is shut out and ignored for the time being.


Taking the Time To Reflect

Many times we are trying to think during the day and get interrupted by a beep or ding from an email or a text. Then your thoughts are cut off in the middle and you may never come back to it. Carve out time in the day to mute your phone or email and brainstorm. Focus on ideas to improve the business or to help your customers. More progress can be made if you give yourself the time to think about what could be fixed.


Time to Reply

It has become a normality right when you receive an email you respond to it. Yes, it seems like a good business practice but you could be taking away from the time you need to think about and also the important tasks you were doing when the email came in. Finish up your current task (do not rush through it) and then take the time to compose your thought out answer. Replying without thinking could lead to poor decision-making and agreeing to terms you do not agree with. 


You want your business to be around for a long time. So take the time and care to make it the best it can be. With technology improving, things seem faster paced and you may feel that you need to rush to set everything up at this moment. But instead, it is a process and when done right, it takes time.


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