Legal Issues in the Education System

Legal Issues in the Education System-Glenn Duker
09 May

Lawyers can work in a number of different industries. One of those industries being education. Education lawyers can advise on a number of cases whether it is on behalf of the school board, staff, or a student. They can provide assistance for pre-schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities for a number of different matters.


Decisions to expel students or issues dealing with academic misconduct can be handled by an education lawyer. It can be a stressful situation that could affect their entire future. A decision made by the Department of Education is not always final. The decisions may be unfair, discriminatory, or have an error during the procedural process and lawyers can help you understand the appeal process and assist you during it. Appeals can be brought up for multiple reasons:

    • Failure to gain entry to an institution


  • If a student believes that they are not accepted into an institution due to unjust reasons


    • Grading


  • If a teacher unfairly grades a student due to unjust reasoning


    • Bullying


  • If a student or teacher seek verbally, emotionally, or physically harms another peer


    • Expulsion


  • If a student was expelled without proper investigation/reasoning


    • Discrimination


  • If a student or teacher treat another peer unfairly due to their gender, race, or religious orientation


    • Academic Misconduct:


  • If a student may be accused of cheating on an assignment


    • General Misconduct


  • If a student or teacher’s behavior causes or may cause disruption with school activities



On the other side, education lawyers also have the ability to assist the school with legal matters. Some cases may involve the enrollment process, property acquisition, registering to be a nonprofit. Lawyers can help create long term strategies and solutions, as well as find immediate solutions for problems. Problems that range from contracts, enrollment, employment, leasing equipment, insurance, conduct, litigation, and disputes can be handled by your legal representation.


Contact an experienced education lawyer to discuss your educational concerns. Having a legal professional could help improve the outcome and better prepare you to handle the situation.


**This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. In relation to your individual situation, always seek advice specific to your circumstances from a lawyer.


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