How Technology is Improving Businesses

Glenn Duker on How Technology is Improving Business
17 Jul

Technology has improved immensely over the past decades. Everyone is affected by these improvements which make their lives much easier. This is also the case for businesses. Businesses now have technology that can help them perform better than ever before. There are new technologies still being discovered that could drive the business world to its full potential.


Businesses now have the ability to talk to clients, customers, vendors, and other businesses around the world. Technology has made video calling a possibility and now businesses use this to their advantage to have virtual meetings. This helps keep information flowing and creates a collaborative environment. The business doesn’t have to wait for an emailed answer from four different parties now. You can video call all the parties, give the information once, and all parties have now heard the same presentation. Even the simplicity of Skype messaging or Instant Messaging has improved business functionality. Employees don’t have to constantly be emailing back-and-forth or calling coworkers for a quick question. They can message them and have a quick response from a more effective way of communication.


Technology has also given businesses the opportunity to break from the normal office setting. With hotspots and wifi connection, employees can work almost anywhere in the world. Flexibility has become one of the top priorities for employees. The flexibility gives them the opportunity to work when they are able to and balance their work-life much easier. New scheduling apps have made it easier for businesses to stay up-to-date with what their employees are accomplishing even if they are not in the office. Companies have started to implement work-from-home programs which give employees the opportunity to save on their commute. This can prevent burnout and leave your employees being more productive throughout the day since they no longer have to commute into the office.


In this digital age, businesses now have the opportunity to reach their customers and potential customers online. Using social media, websites, and online promotion (organic or paid) can have the potential to reach millions more than traditional advertising. Businesses are no longer limited to the billboard in their area or an ad in the newspaper. They now have the ability to expand their markets and reach.  


Businesses should not shy away from these new technologies that arise. Implementing them within your own business no matter the size of your business can create a more efficient operation. 


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