Historical Court Houses in Australia

Historical Court Houses in Australia
28 Feb

Australia is an ancient country, which is a large part of why it has such a rich history. There are courthouses, churches, and houses that have stood for centuries. There are quite a few courthouses that are not currently operating; however, many of the most notable courthouses have had more than a few compelling cases pass through its walls. 

Here are a few of the historic courthouses in Australia.

Holbrook Courthouse, New South Wales

The Holbrook Courthouse was built in 1872. Over the course of many years, the Courthouse had diverse functions, such as a Mining Warden’s Court, a Court of Petty Sessions, and a Local Court. In 1858 Holbrook was known as Germanton and wasn’t changed until 1914. The name Holbrook was in honor of Commander Norman Holbrook VC during the First World War. The small country town is located south-west of Sydney.

Murrurundi Courthouse, Murrurundi, New South Wales

Murrurundi is a rural town located in the upper Hunter Valley region, along the Pages River. This historically rich town is surrounded by the Liverpool Ranges, where the various bushrangers roamed in the 1840s. The need for a courthouse arose out of a need for representation in the northern boundaries. Court reportings were occasionally reported in regional newspapers. 

Berry Courthouse, Berry

The Berry Courthouse was built in the years 1890-91, in Victoria Street, Berry. The architecture of the courthouse can be classified as Greek Revival and Classical Academic in style. As expected, there was a slight delay between the courthouse construction and the opening of the building. Some of the community members had complaints about the lack of amenities in the building during the construction progress. Changes were made, and construction was drawn out a bit more. The Berry Courthouse was officially opened on 5 February 1892.

Armidale Courthouse, Armidale, Northern Tablelands

The Armidale Courthouse was first opened in 1844 and still functions as an operating courthouse in the 21st Century. Directly after the opening of the courthouse, the Armidale court of petty sessions was opened. Although making provisions for the administration of justice was slow and arduous, the court did function on Saturday for a good portion of its history.

Australia is a culturally rich country with a bounty of historic buildings. Although many other historic courthouses exist, they have relatively similar founding dates. Even more impressive, some of those defining courthouses still administer justice today.

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