Career Options for Law Students

Career Options for Law Students- Glenn Duker
08 Aug

It is a big decision to go to law school. Studying law for four years has taken a toll and you are ready to get out and test your knowledge and abilities. Upon graduation day, you are thinking to yourself, what do I want to do in law? There are many options to look at when considering your career in the legal system.


Most students right out of law school take on the role of a solicitor. A solicitor tends to be the first point of contact for people seeking legal advice. They advise clients about their legal rights and their obligations, they assist corporations and other organization with compliance, and they will prepare documents such as wills and contracts for their clients.


Once you begin practicing law, you can choose to become a member of the Bar. A barrister usually operates as an independent legal practitioner and will not work for a firm or partnership. Solicitors will refer the work to the barristers. Barristers will then represent the clients in court. Some of their legal duties include having an applicable knowledge of the rules of evidence and the proceedings in the court process, determining strategies and oppositions to be present in the court trial, and giving advice on areas in law within their expertise whether it is written or verbal.

Judge’s Associate

The end goal may be to become a judge one day, but you have to work your way up. Start as a Judge’s Associate, which you will act as an assistant to the judge. Some of the tasks included in an associate’s’ everyday life are:

  • Prepare and maintain paperwork
  • Perform research for cases
  • Communicate with other court staff members
  • Schedule hearings
  • Set trial dates

Best of all you will sit in court with the judge. This position is very competitive and if you hear of an opening submit your resume immediately

In-House Lawyer

An in-house lawyer will provide legal advice to the corporation in which they work for. In-house lawyers hold expertise in the employer’s area of business, manages the company’s risks and compliance, bring in external counsel when it is necessary, and manage the change happening within the organization. Differing from private practices, this position can cover copious areas of law.

Community Legal Centres (CLCs)

CLCs are not-for-profit, community-based organizations that campaigning for fair access to the justice system in Australia for over 40 years. CLCs provide free legal advice, casework, and information to the less fortunate and to those with special needs. They also promote a reform in the law system and conduct test cases where the law is operating unfairly. They will deliver community development services to certain communities.


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