Alternative Careers for Lawyers

Alternative Careers for Lawyers
19 Feb

There are a plethora of benefits in becoming a lawyer. Of course, a law degree can build financial stability and a great Alternative Careers for Lawyersawareness of rights and responsibilities. However, lawyers also gain strategic and critical thinking skills as well as the ability to reason and analyze well. One of the best benefits of becoming a lawyer may be the wide selection of career options that a law degree can provide.

Whether you have just graduated from law school or are in the middle of your career as a lawyer and desire a change in vocation there are loads of alternative careers available and suitable to lawyers.

One alternative career option for layers is public relations. Lawyers are already well-practised at building professional relationships and that makes a position in PR a real possibility. There are many available positions, whether at a small agency or a large corporate firm. It can be a great change in career because many public relation agencies specialise in specific areas. If you’re interested in sports you could find a company who represents athletes. 

Academia is another excellent field for lawyers. It can be incredibly satisfying to be a teacher and help others study law. If your law career has left you feeling a bit empathetic or burnt-out teaching others can help you to regain focus and rejuvenate your passion for law. By working and inspiring a younger generation of future lawyers you may even gain a larger amount of your own personal value.

If you are a lawyer who enjoys advising your clients then consider a job as a recruiter. The recruitment industry can always use more intelligent, highly motivated professionals. Recruitment can give you insight into different industries and pays for the work put in. There is legal recruitment, as well as many other niche areas making work as a recruiter a viable option for any lawyer looking to change their career.

Another demanding career that law degrees can handle is in management consulting. The hours that lawyers and management consultants work is very similar and can also provide you with exposure to a wide range of different industries and businesses. Lawyers are particularly good at consulting because of the high degree of analytical skills the professions require.

Lawyers, more than many other professions will have no problem finding an alternative career if that’s what they so wish. From insurance roles, investigation work, to writing or becoming involved with politics there are never-ending career options for those with a law degree. 

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