19 May

About Glenn Duker, Solicitor and Lawyer

For Glenn Duker, the subject of law has always been a passion. He excelled in debating, academia and sports at Mentone Gramma School where he attended in Melbourne, and was awarded the role of captain for the school’s debating team.


Glenn DukerUpon successful completion of secondary education, Glenn went onto the University of Melbourne to pursue a combined degree in Arts and Law. Although he completed a major in politics, he found that law was indeed his true passion. Hence he entered the legal profession immediately after graduating from university in the mid 90s.


Glenn began his career with Maddock Lonie Chisholm (now Maddocks) and gained valuable experience in property, litigation, commercial and local government departments during this time. It wasn’t long before he founded his own firm Duker & Associates, which was highly active in commercial litigation in the late 1990s. Glenn recognised the need for a shift in the way disputes were dealt with. Thus, due to his passion and inquisitive nature, he sought to bring about a positive change with Settle It Legal in Gold Coast, a new firm he founded which focused on mediation rather than litigation.


Ever the diligent and passionate lawyer, Glenn founded PCL Lawyers when he moved back to Melbourne. PCL Lawyers deals primarily in commercial litigation, property law, family law and commercial law, and has helped many Melbourne clients achieve successful outcomes.


With many years of experience in the legal industry, Glenn Duker has gained a reputation for excellence. Clients turn to him for matters concerning commercial law, family law, adverse possession of land, compulsory acquisition of land, breach of contract matters, and various other issues. He is a skilled and adept legal practitioner and he will handle your case thoroughly and competently.